Web Care PRO

$245.00 $225.00 / month

Our PRO PLAN* is perfect if you need your website secured, monitored, maintained & updated regularly with some fresh content or products or if you have a high-traffic site that needs some extra love & attention!

  • Premium Security: We do our best to keep any nasty intruders out.
  • Site Monitoring: Our eyes are on your site regularly, making sure it’s performing at its best & alerting you if there’s an opportunity you might be missing!
  • Core & Software Updates: Peace of mind that all your website software will be kept up to date and safe from hackers looking for old software versions as gateways to your site files.
  • Website Backup & Secure Storage: Daily or weekly depending on the needs of your site.
  • Website Restore: You can rest easy that if anything ever goes wrong we can restore your website quickly.
  • 2  Design & Development Hours: Add or update a page, blog post, product, article, photo or form, fix a glitch, perform repairs, etc.
  • Additional Design & Development Hours: 10% off the Regular Design & Development Hourly Rate of $95/hour
  • Priority Support: Our clients are our priority! We’re here when you need us & we care about your business. We are typically available during normal business hours, Mon-Fri. After hours, Weekends, Holidays & in emergencies, we will do our best to attend to any urgent need as soon as possible, usually within 24 – 48 hrs.



* There may be a request that exceeds the scope of your Website Care Plan.  Zilk Inc. reserves the right to submit a separate proposal for such a project or request.

Monthly Service Plans will be charged automatically each month until plan is cancelled. There is no contract for any of these plans and you are free to cancel any time.